Oriental Harbor Tutorial

Sam Michlap
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HI Everyone- Thank you for supporting my art! I love to teach and help others achieve their dreams with a career in art. I have been very fortunate to have worked within the Entertainment industry for over 25 years, Launch my fine art gallery career and teach at Art Center and online. 

With Gumroad I will begin posting a bunch of useful techniques, tips and solid foundational thinking necessary for making successful images.

I hope you find these lessons and demos helpful and please send feedback so I can improve them as we go. I appreciate your support in helping me carve out the time to produce my content, which is why the longer tutorials are modestly priced.

I’m Kicking off my GumRoad with a tutorial that will cover how I create Feature Animation Production Design Vis Dev illustrations. 

I’ve been in feature animation Since the Lion King, and worked at Disney and Dreamworks for 25 years, creating imagery just like this one. If your interested in a career in animation, you will definitely like this tutorial.

This tutorial has a lot of information-

1:10 minutes long with audio 

timelapse video for quick viewing

PSD and jpg files of this image

PSD file of the shapes I created for the image

JPG step by step images

PS actions for my automated process functions such as mirroring

PS brush set of my favorite brushes

PS brush set of watercolor stains I custom made

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Oriental Harbor Tutorial

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