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Advanced Techniques for Digital Illustration

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In this video, I teach my personal digital workflow, flexible enough to create any type of illustration where complex lighting, texture, and level of overall finish is the goal. In the entertainment world of both animation and film, it's important to give yourself and your client the ability to quickly make changes, and this process is specifically built to help you develop those skills for your own preferred workflow! For those looking to find a new way of thinking, finish, and flexibility within your work, this video is for you.

Included in the Video 1 package:

  • 1 hr of a real-time tutorial with full audio
  • PS channel, masks, and selections
  • Selections for complex objects and cinematic lighting with channels
  • Using paths to stroke textured brushes
  • Advanced uses for stamp shapes
  • Separating your drawing from the page it's drawn on

Included in the Video 2 package:

  • 1 hr 50 min of real-time footage with audio
  • 1 GB watercolor stains file
  • Knight mixed-media illustration tutorial & PSD file
  • PS watercolor and tree root shape brush sets
  • PS actions
  • Step process images
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Last updated Jul 12, 2023

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Advanced Techniques for Digital Illustration

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